3 Steps to Counter Fizz

This video can cure a certain type of cancer……..

League of Legends, Fizz, Counter, How to beat

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  1. Fizz is pathetic, he is just like a type of Darius/ Illaoi, you can smash him to the botton, you can stomp him all you want, he never gets behind and always can deal a ton of damage out of his ass.

  2. 3:03 acually before i loved playing against fizz. that was back when i was a a zed main and the fizzes i faced sucked so i always thought that fizz sucks…….. that was until i got cancer from him 🙁

  3. the problem with early game is that most champions that are bad against fizz are champs like tf who have no kill potential early either. Playing tf, i can barely auto attack him once or twice but when he gets his zhonyas jump thingy, he just wrecks and pokes so much damage, and even worse at lvl 6.

  4. Mobile?
    Yasuo, Lee Sin, Zed, Katarina, Riven and Vayne. And they are fucking annoying.
    Why do everyone hate Fizz? I find him fairly difficult to learn and playing against him isn't as bullshit as others.
    You can just juke his e plus it has a delay if he doesn't jump and once he's used his e you beat him down. How hard is that?
    Try that with Riven who tanks your shit, gap close every fucking champion cause of bullshit, stuns you and then throws a shit ton of damage on you and you can't do shit. Fizz is at least squishy, remember off tank Ekko?
    Compare an engaging Fizz to a Lee Sin or Zed who just spam their insane fast gap closers and shit damage and abilities on you non stop before you can even react then teleport or dash away. Fizz is nothing to these cancers that every fucking try hard raging noob picks every fucking game cause they want to show off and blame others for their own failure. Why else is there a 99% chance somebody picks a fucking Lee Sin for jungler instead of anybody else

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