6x GUINSOO MASTER YI vs KAYLE & Best Moments!

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  1. Next time when you make the fight don't forget to make both the champions in the same range of the other in order to start in the same time
    Ps (kayle launched 3 arrows before master yi started his first one)

  2. Yi win this 3/0
    Round 1 – yi gets 3 hits before he could land his first, it should start the fight face to face
    Round 2 – yep, with all skills yi is superior
    Round 3 – yi player fucked up, if he just ended his meditate right after kayle ult finish, he could have land 2 of 3 hits and win

  3. They honestly need to remove/heavily nerf Yi’s Q resets with aas. Or else he’s basically untargetable I’m combat and it’s hard to get a teamcomp that has enough cc to do that especially in lower elos.

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