AD Kennen TOP is a REAL Problem for Top Laners | On hit AD Kennen Montage Season 7

►Hello guys! Today I’m going to show you AD Kennen Top Montage. Several people asked me to make this video so here you go. I’m not sick kennen player, however whenever he’s in meta why shouldn’t I try to play it? Back in days I used to play AP Kennen to counter most of my picks (well… if enemies pick my champion I can’t take it in ranked).

►Core build was blade of the ruined king and hurricane. Other items were picked by situation (like rageblade, frozen mallet, wit’s end and so on…).

►By making this video I noticed one thing. in 4 matches my enemy top laners escaped over 25 times with less than 50 hp. This thing tilted me so hard and it almost lead to giving up on ad kennen video. However I managed to end it.

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