Counterpick – Kayle (how to counter)

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  1. As a Kayle main I think the best possible pick is Pantheon, she is very vulnerable to his poke and can't really trade well with his auto attack block.  She's already weak to stuns and gap closers and Panth has both on the same ability on a very low CD.  He has great itemization options against her as well, after he builds damage items he usually picks up Randuin's and Banshee's which are both awesome against Kayle.

  2. What about Morgana? Everytime Kayle tries to slow you with Q you can just negate it midflight with your shield, the shield also blocks some of Kayle's E damage. Morgana also got lots of CC and she can farm from great distance.

  3. ur inexperienced enough in the game to not know that Kayle has the most trouble with pantheon and j4.. her kit is based on kiting and her early levels are weak and pantheon is good at exploiting her early game. and jarvan u cant kite him w/ his kit. and thanks for reminding me to unsubscribe to a channel dedicated to a game i dont play anymore.

  4. Shhh!! My main is Akali! Don't tell anyone!!

    Actually I'm looking forward for this, by knowing your counters, you can work on the counters so you can counter the counter when they try to counter you. (huhwhat?)

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