How good is the AP CRIT Kayle Build…?

AP CRIT Gameplay

👾 Grandmaster League of Legends Top lane main uses AP Crit Kayle build in a Kayle vs Jax Matchup

AP CRIT Gameplay

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  1. Bro, if I can suggest to you, can you try guinsoo, berserker, blade of the ruin king, liandry, black cleaver, void staff, spell berserker and buy phantom dancer, you q reduces amor and MR and with lethal tempo have the attack speed this against tanks I think you are gonna melt them, idk if its work XD but if its, could be funny uwu

  2. Honestly I've watched some videos now and I love kayle and content on kayle. I really love what you're doing and you're doing a good job explaining everything but it feels like a lot of the videos I watched were losses in the end and while uploading losses is great too and you had good games as viewer it's super super unsatisfying at least for me. I dont mind it but id rather see more wins^^

  3. Hey man i enjoy your channel for some time now. The audio is exactly the same so don't worry. I think you should post only high Elo content and even losses. This is what I would do if I had a channel but that's just me. Keep up the good work.

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