How to Master Yi – A Detailed League of Legends Guide

Master Yi is the one true dunkmaster! There’s a surprising amount of finesse to playing him properly, so let’s learn how!

Click here for the man who soloed Baron in the video:

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Outro song: “Dunkmaster Yi” by Ken Ashcorp

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  1. firstly ur voice eratates me
    secondly everything u say is fake, and ive only watched till 49 seconds.
    u say if he gets caught ur as good as dead but thats fake if u get caught U REK THEM ALL or if u not that u can alt away or flash ect.

  2. "If he get's caught, he's as good as dead" You'd be surprised how much shit you can get out of by pulling your Ult and Ghost with good boots (usually berzerker graves) and getting upwards of like 500 speed in the late game

  3. I can summarize your guide in just the comment section of your video:

    1. Buy yi-
    2. Have a keyboard
    3. Have a mouse
    4. Drag mouse over enemy
    5. Left click and repeatedly click q,w,e,r for a godly combo

    Next up, Akali!

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