I just INVENTED a NEW Kayle strategy… No Boots + 100% Crit Kayle is 100% stupid!

New Kayle Build Top Gameplay! League of legends Kayle Season 10 gameplay!
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Season 10 Kayle runes guide League of Legends
Press the Attack – Triumph – Alacrity – Coup de Grace
Nimbus Cloak – Transcendence
10% Attack Speed – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. BOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Hope you guys are enjoying the videos! Still messing around with new title and thumbnail format feedback is appreciated!
    Don't miss the newest SRO University video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvlJwgyM4SE
    Don't miss the newest SRO Highlight's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xva6lYPhulI

  2. Although you are probably better then me here are a few tips when playing kale; when engaging try using your q as an engage then auto then e. This will maximize damage as your q also shreds mr and armor by 15%

  3. buy tenacity boots early for the cc and the extra movement speed. then when you have the gold for your 6th item just sell the boots. just because you can play bootless doesnt mean anyone should haha

  4. U seem burnt out. You get worse at the game every time I try to watch you despite your horrid clickbaiting.
    Ezreal carried you this game and you flame him. You didn't get to showcase ur builds potential at all.

    Be yourself and play whatever, I'm tired of seeing you trying to force content. I just wanna chill with you.

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