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  1. IG seems to always lose when they try to funnel bot side with the jungler ganking bot. I know they want to get JackyLove's Kaisa fed with tons of gold but it never works out. Just too squishy in team fights if Top/Jungle/Mid don't have lots of gold/items to engage. Kaisa can clean up afterwards but they need the jungler to focus on helping TheShy and Rookie not get ganked. Focus farming top side or even vertical jungle top side more. Just get topside scuttle and help place a ward so TheShy and Rookie doesn't get ganked from the top side. Leave bot lane on their own. They play the best when Rookie and Leyan roam together to try to kill enemy jungle or catch the enemy support roaming. But that requires Rookie and Leyan to get priority picks so they can pressure and wave clear fast. TheShy has a big champ pool while Rookie seems to struggle unless he gets Qiyana, obviously LeBlanc is a comfort pick too but not as dominant. TheShy is super dominant on Akali so enemy teams will ban Akali and Qiyana. They need another flex hard carry champ like Jayce or Corki that both Rookie and TheShy can play and dominate lane with. If they can incorporate one more hard carry flex champ, it would be very hard for the enemy team to ban all of it or have to choose it as well.

  2. Rewatched after G2 vs FNC. This game is some how better than the whole LEC finals combined holy shiet ! IG u better get ur shits together man I dont think u will be beating SKT with this form. No need to prep for EU they r played like u but with worse mechanics. The only threat at worlds for China this year is SKT and maybe TL

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