Jayce TOP vs Renekton [ T1 Canna ] Lol Challenger Korea ✔️ 10.16 ✔️

🥇 T1 Canna picks Jayce vs Renekton Ranked Korea Season 10
⭐Summary ⭐
▶Game: League of Legends
▶Type: Ranked Solo 5vs5
▶Patch: 10.16
▶Tier: Challenger 1070 LP
▶Champion Position: Top Lane
▶Match: Jayce against Renekton


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  1. 3:19 why the fuck a Renekton with Tabi and Shield and 200 HP BEHIND is able to almost oneshot Jayce on full HP?! I know the minions helped a lot but still it was 200 HP difference which atl east compensates that!

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