Kayle 1v9 explains why he plays mid instead of top now

Kayle 1v9 explains why plays mid instead of top now!
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  1. As a Quinn Main (Kayle Main wannabe), I can really relate to this…
    If you are playing ranged toplaners, you literally get shit on by the BORK buffs, and you have no impact at all, when you try to roam and help other lanes but lose turret platings.
    Riot abandoned my champions, I just hope my favourite winged babies get new skins so I have the motivation to continue playing league…
    Playing league is becoming less rewarding rn because of the toxic community, and the gaming experience of my favourite champions, I just keep losing all the time because either other lanes are trolling, or I just got shit on.

  2. What I think Kayle needs is a significant buff to her W, to make it an actual ability that does something impactful. Don't touch any base stats, any stats per level, or any of the other abilities, don't touch anything. Just make the W heal more on the early levels, but scale more on later levels, because she's maxing that ability last. That would give her a lot more survivability, without increasing her damage potential.

  3. I feel like kayle is way better in midlane because of squishy enemies and you can use your ult to deny an assassin combo then he has nothing to do against you and you can kill him easy. At least I have a better winrate with kayle mid than toplane.

  4. I wish they will do something to her in future.
    She's like a forgotten champion
    No more skins, trash gameplay and the most boring champ.
    If they could bring back her old E and her R where you could actually use something instead of saying 100 lines.

  5. I just hate the fact that Kayle Ult is too long and when you cast it, you cant use any other skill or active item on it. You can't even cast it when CC'ed. They should revise it somehow to be more impactful in the game.

  6. Top lane is safer mid-late since you can brain dead split and ignore your team if you want. While mid is more chaotic and more fun role since it forces you to have and make impact around the map (roam with the midlaner or shove the wave with your wave clear). Tbh toplaner is kinda boring tho and it makes sense

  7. O pior: no Brasil existem youtubers que ficam ensinando como jogar com Nasus, Darius, Garen e outros cânceres do tipo. É incrível de ridículo o que os caras divulgam, pois conseguem estragar demais a saúde do game.

  8. Realmente brother, a toplane está um câncer total (Nasus, Darius, Renek, Teemo, etc.). Tive de migrar para à jungle com a Diana. Estou pensando em voltar com a querida Kayle, vou para o mid com ela.

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