Kayle TOP vs Shen [ Pentakill ] Lol Korea Master Patch 10.23 ✅

🥇Best Kayle vs Shen TOP Ranked Korea Pre Season 11
⭐Summary ⭐
▶Game: League of Legends
▶Type: Ranked Solo 5vs5
▶Patch: 10.23
▶Tier: Master 147 LP
▶Champion Position: Ad Carry
▶Match: Kayle against Shen

OTP Kayle


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  1. This kayle sucked. His jg had to camp his lane to stop him from feeding. Without jg and mid he would have gone 0-7 in this game. I feel bad for the shen, his jg didnt help him at all. He inted his lane once and was only saved for a sec by shen tp and then died and never came again. This was all udyr.

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