LCK vs LPL – Show Match (ft. Faker, Doinb, TheShy, MadLife) | Day 2 2019 LoL All Star Event

LPL vs LCK – Korea vs China Show Match with Influencers lol esports All-Stars 2019.
LCK vs LPL – Pairs of 2 control keyboard and mouse – show match League of Legends All-Stars 2019 VOD.
2019 All-Star full playlist:
League of Legends S9 International All-Star – Day 2.

Team West Line-up:
Clid – top Rammus
Faker – jungle Lee Sin
Peanut – mid Ekko
NaRaKyle – bot Cassiopeia
Madlife – Supoprt Thresh

Team East Line-up:
Doinb – top Nunu
Fireloli – jungle Shyvana
Uzi – mid Vayne
TheShy – bot Kalista
cat – support Senna

Patch: 9.24 – Season 9
Game date: 06.12.2019 | 12/06/2019 | December 6th 2019
Game place: Las Vegas
Casters: Drakos and Jatt

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2019 All-Star full playlist:

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