Leauge Of Legends: System Error Crash Dump FIX

In this video, I show you how to fix the problem “system error” in League of Legends and that is to fix the crash after champion select. As always, if this video …


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  1. A bit late but maybe someone will find this usefull. In my case I was getting this problem every windows update so I kept turning back to previous version, but it was so frustrating that I tried to find a way and this worked on my Windows10. First open cmd as administrator then use this command: sfc /scannow. If you are lucky this will solve your problem, however you'll get message that there are some corrupt files that couldn't be fixed/replaced. In that case you need to download the software to download your windows 10(the one that lets you install windows from your pendrive)from official microsoft website. Just type "download windows 10" in google and first link from microsoft is what you need. After you download it you should open it and choose option to "update" your system. Then you just need to spam next all the time and the program will do the work(remember to check the option to save all your apps and options, this should be checked but it's better to mention it). I hope this will help someone with similar problem!

  2. So same shit happened to me I'm in Windows 7 here's how to fix that shit

    You need to upgrade your windows into 10 or 8 just backup your files if you don want to lose your stuffs but if you want to have a clean start just remove all of them then next after you install new windows it's not that hard to install a new one, download leagues of legends and then update your gpu then restart, I don't know if that will work on yours but that work in my situation

  3. ok guys let me tell you how i fixed it
    it was pooping up error every game
    (it worked for me so it not should work for u 100%)
    i download Hextech riot repairt and i reinstall my league of legends to another folider
    i opned league which is was required a big update cus it is new one (reinstalled folder)
    so i copied my old league files to new one to replace all to dont waste my internet in big patching update
    then i deleted log+config plus i deleted logs notes which was in ( press start+r to open RUN type :appdata) you fill find riot games folider in local there delete in logs notes inside then open lol the new one reinstalled make sure it runs perfictly test in custom game
    then delete every old league folders
    open the new one make sure to make Full repair
    (use ccleaner to delete useles files and delete folder in %Temp% and Prefetch )
    it worked for me guys i played around 8 games right now and it worked
    sorry for my bad english

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