NEW REWORKS: Upcoming Ahri Mini-Rework + Kayle Changes & MORE – League of Legends Patch 10.18

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We talk about some upcoming mini reworks and mechanics changes to Ahri and Kayle in Patch 10.18.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Ahri
3:02 Kayle
4:33 Outro

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  1. All I'm saying is, these kayle changes are good buffs for her. Just max e now instead of q, if you don't believe me, just watch eternal hero. He will explain everything. I'm talking to you "kayle mains" that still think it's a nerf. Just pls use your heads next time.

  2. so they are buffing ahri but leave leblanc with a q that does less damage than autos and a champion impossible to cs without using 2 abilities and be without mana ? come on even zed autos do more damage than lb W late game are you kidding me

  3. Kayle.
    First of all, I'm not saying if this is a buff or a nerf. However, if the idea is to make her interact more in the laning phase (which is already pretty hilarious) how am I supposed to do so if you heavily hit Q and W which are the actual tools that let her trade a bit? With this change, I'll just stay under tower even more and exploit E's manafree ranged shot, with even reduced cooldown. They have even removed the mana refund to Q, which happened when you hit a champion, so it really doesn't match with the reasoning and the explanation.

  4. nerfing ashe because shes a counter to caitlyn. nerf senna because she was a counter to caitlyn as well. why are the devs showing such favoritism to champs who've had their spotlights. why not constantly change up the meta makin lesser played champs more playable also giving them more spotlight which also increases probability of skins because i swear some of these champs yall giving skins have a full closet meanwhile these other champs havent seen a skin since like 2015.. also that logic tho..lets make kayle a ranged nasus who has to get to lvl 16 to achieve godlike status meanwhile nasus can achieve that far earlier just by farming which now you dont even want a lategame hyper carry to do properly. then once empowered by ult you heal every 2 secs. Oh its not fun to fight kayle. buuut kayle is RARELY played so you guys are nerfing her because of RARE unfun matchups.

  5. Hot take: Those Ahri changes are really stupid. It removes a lot of the reward aspect of actually hitting her abilities and just gives her a bs movement speed steroid for free, with only a 1 second penalty. It takes a lot of the skill expression away from great Ahri players versus just okay Ahri players.

  6. Riot: "Healing has become obnoxious and is almost on any champ so we're planning on reducing that somehow."
    Also riot: Yet again gives another champ a strong heal.

    They've gone completely mental. There's no denying. Whole company is run by 1 day interns that have never touched a computer.

  7. Wait, I'm a little confused about Ahri's passive. If she hits her 3 R's on her enemy does her ult essentially just straight up heal her? She gets 3 stacks for every ability hit, and hitting it 3 times should get you to 9 and heal, right?

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