PsyOps Kayle Gameplay | new Kayle skin + buffs on PBE! | kayle 1v9

PsyOps Kayle Gameplay | new Kayle skin + buffs on PBE! | kayle 1v9!
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Gameplay: 5:51

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  1. Hi Kayle 1v9 i have a question about itemization i was wondering if you could help, a friend of mine told me that BORK was far better than gunblade on kayle, i often go for the standard kayle build, i just wanted to know if its actually better and if my friend is right. (he kept telling me that because of kayle being a starting melee champions her buffs with BORK were actually better

  2. Hi man great vid, always big fan of your vids. Look, been trying Grasp kayle since the E no cost rework and works awesomely OP. Gathered at least 400 hp at the end of game. I would like to see u trying it in one of your vids. Keep up the good job brother!

    Leave u pic of the game

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