S+ BLUE KATARINA MID BATTLE ACADEMIA FULL AP | Best Build & Runes | League of Legends

Battle Academia Katarina Blue Chroma Mid Gameplay Guide ▻0:00 Build 0:03 Runes ▻Twitch: Discord: …


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  2. ayyyy , thank you for listening to my request for a kata vid !! 😀
    What and amazing gameplay man , i really do enjoy watching your content , you're just good with everything you play with lol , and the best part is that it is visible that you don't sweat , you're just good , the only expression i can use to describe how i feel about your content (especially kata) is having a eye orgasm and feeling jealous about your IQ lmao , i really think you're better then a lot of "big" league youtubers/streamers (content and gameplay wised) and you deserve more then what you have , keep it up man! *haters madly preparing themselfs to argue with me*

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