S+ FULL LETHALITY DARK HARVEST 40% CDR HIGH NOON ASHE MID | New Build & Runes | League of Legends

Ashe Mid Gameplay Guide ▻0:00 Build 0:04 Runes 19:19 DMG Graph ▻Twitch: Discord: ▻ …


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  2. I'm German. And everytime i hear him saying her Name…I'm Just triggered. In German literally He say But/Ass.
    We call her – my Friends and me – Ashe like these gray pouder or something. Sounds a lot better then "Ass" in German xD

  3. in my opinion ur playing was too risky, it was a good thing that Nidalee was AFK early game, u just played agressive !! imagine that if there was jungler and gank u from behind what u gonna do ??

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