She wanted to FF, But AD Skarner Refused – Ranked League of Legends Live Game

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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand (Or Coup De Grace)

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter (Or Ultimate Hunter)


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  1. Why Visage last item? Their two strongest players are AD, CDR is already capped, and they have three healing cuts while your team has none.

    I’d think Thornmail or Deadman’s would be a better last item, depending on what you prioritize more: cutting Fiora/Fiddle healing or better catch potential.

  2. I couldn’t keep watching after you didn’t realise fiddle had been top for like 2 and 1/2 minutes and didn’t a go straight for bot scuttle the first time or b rush dragon when he WAS STILL THERE ON THE MAP and you were asking about if he was on drag or not. You need to punish big mistakes like that.

  3. I feel like the thing with janna is that she builds comet because it’s so much damage for her because of how easy it is to proc. With the shield nerfs as well, it’s shields became less of a protective enchantment and more of a tool to block damage abilities. Aery only provides a small bit of shielding early and with how large shields are by themselves it’s hardly noticeable. This makes shields too powerful for aery to do anything against poke while being far too weak to help with the all in as much as the damage from comet.

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