SN vs. LGD – 2020 LPL Regional Qualifier | LoL China 9th Anniversary (2020)

LPL Summer Split Week 10 2020 #LPL

Our LPL English team is back!
Our channel will be live streaming with our English Casters every week from Saturday to Wednesdays. (Thursdays and Fridays will be in Chinese)

LPL is China’s largest professional League of Legends League. Known for the fast paced, aggressive and passionate play style, LPL teams have won the past 2 world championships.
Will 2021 be a threepeat? Follow our channel and watch our stream to see how each team is performing and who is going to rise to represent the LPL!

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  1. 跟大家科普一下,SN今夏季赛为什么会这么猛,在辅助开团完美赢下团战中,蛇蛇排名LPL第二。在对位野区经济压制sofm排名第三。SN的上路贡献了最低经济打最高伤害的排名联盟第五,这赛季sn上辅野是真的猛,中路angel的问题在于心态,下路的问题在于输出找不到合适时机。

  2. Looks like LGD is doomed, no jungler, Langx's alone in the dark, Xiye is making mistakes, Mark is no longer performing and Kramer, I don't know if he's doing something good or something bad.
    It seems whichever wins the iG Vs FPX match, they'll get the 4th seed.

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