T1 vs. DRX – DYN vs. HLE [2020 LCK Summer Split]


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  1. Effort literally had a bad shot calling in game 2 like wtf was that?!?! he makin faker look bad, and why the fuck did they pick galio for faker just wtf??? faker literally play any champion then why galio? Just burhhh

  2. The BP is totally different between game 1 and game 2. Clozer can play akari but Faker is Gario. How could the head coach select them?!!!! It's so rediculous. Teddy is always play like a shit. T1's AD Carry gets the most money without any damage. This is proved in the last 3
    International competitions. This summer, could T1 go to the final without Faker? No way. The younger team is talent? For Top and Mid, it has some talent but for other place, no way. The jungle iCuzz and support Effort have been prove themselves that they are just OK. Compared to the Bengi, iCuzz doesn't has any jungle talent, from season 7 till now, he only has 2 champions and one is in T1 with Faker. Similar for Effort, Compared to wolf. T1 is for champions, NOT FOR Sophistication!!!

  3. Always been a faker fan. I believe he's still a god, but he doesn't really fit in this younger team. Clozer is a better fit because as they say, he's more "independent". Faker's shotcalling has always been pretty awful since his SKT days. Putting in Clozer makes the other team members step up and call the plays, which I think is the reason why T1's macro plays become better without Faker.

  4. This series was just disrespectful to Faker. Why sub him in in the first place after they win game 1 with Clozer, and we repeat this "give clozer more experience" narrative. Putting Faker in this shitty situation in a game that doesnt matter, then subbing him out after Effort and Cuzz display one of the most obvious wintrades I've ever seen.

  5. Faker should've pick Sylas instead of Galio.
    Also we need a new champion that can match TF's split and rotation power because whenever he gets meta he becomes a really toxic champion both for Solo Q and professional play.

  6. Its like T1 plays like garbage when Faker is in the team on purpose. Its not even because of Clozer, the only one in the team that actually plays consistently besides Faker is Teddy. Effort sometimes plays like a god and sometimes like a gold player, same thing with Canna.

    Edit: Also, it makes me so mad when people call Clozer more “Independent” than Faker even though Cuzz and Effort help him more than they help Faker? Im pretty confused

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