The ONLY Akali Guide YOU Need

In this #guide you will learn the basics of Top Lane #Akali to the point where you will be comfortable picking her into your ranked matches and dominate your opponents!

00:00 Runes
03:15 Item Build
06:19 Abilities
08:43 Skill Order


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  1. Actually Attack speed on her is not totally useless as it speeds up her attack animation. Which is the true time to hit any champion as its like a mini stun. But the post of the video is correct you don't want to take it on akali bc damage is more useful esp early bc you wanna last hit .

  2. Wow. You really glossed over her abilites. You managed to say almost half of what they do. Also, when you're discussing combos, pls show a video of said combos, not generic gameplay. Makes it easier to understand

  3. Do you think playing akali top as a blind pick is viable to climb.
    Im currently in gold 5 and reached that with mainly Garen and Camille.

    None of them I really enjoy currently, so is it viable for me to pick up akali and stay at my current level and start climbing after 40-50 games?

  4. Why don't you start with her abilities??? Runes and item build without knowing her moves seems like a bad design choice. As someone just getting into league it'd be nice to know why I'm getting those items and how they play into her kit. Good vid otherwise though. 🙂

  5. Btw the doran shiled is good against champs like casio ryze lux bc they are pokeing and we need the health regen and the more healt but when we go against other champ just buy long sword for get the hex blade earlier .

  6. Is akali even playable after her ult nerf? Im scared to pick her up and get smashed, i feel like the stun on akalis r was so important and cause of the point click mechanic i cant R1 in a bush and them insta Flash R2 a low enemy

  7. Can I ask for a Viktor guide like the previous guides where you featured a one-trick? There's currently no viktor guide on youtube which was made by a viktor otp. You make better quality guides by the way compared to other channels tho, keep up the good work. 8th comment btw.

  8. Nice vids but i feels like the past few guides weren't that great compared to your previous ones. Like in the Jax one for example you talk about teamfigthing introductions, mid game and stuff and on the last vids you just put info for runes and items, stuff i can find everywhere and its just too cookie cutter in my opinion.

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