V5 vs. FPX – Playoff Round1 | LPL Summer Split (2020)

LPL Summer Split Week 10 2020 #LPL

Our LPL English team is back!
Our channel will be live streaming with our English Casters every week from Saturday to Wednesdays. (Thursdays and Fridays will be in Chinese)

LPL is China’s largest professional League of Legends League. Known for the fast paced, aggressive and passionate play style, LPL teams have won the past 2 world championships.
Will 2021 be a threepeat? Follow our channel and watch our stream to see how each team is performing and who is going to rise to represent the LPL!

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  1. fpx h chán vl game 3 may jg với mid gánh …ad kalista mà thua ashe tận xấp xỉ 100 cs thì oánh gì … hết hi vọng cktg năm nay thôi chứ gì nữa …game 4 k cho khan đánh xem khác gì k chứ con lucian nó bán hành ganhblank sml trên top …thôi cố gắng năm sau 😁😁

  2. If V5 has million numbers of fan I am one of them. if V5 has ten fans I am one of them. if V5 have only one fan and that is me
    . if V5 has no fans, that means I am no more on the earth. if world against V5, I am against the world. I‘m a PPLIEVER and you can be one too.’

  3. GG FPX… Good work V5. I wonder who will take worlds this year? Actually with the current pandemic I wonder if it will affect worlds and how? Are we going to have empty stadiums? If so how are teams going to say that they want to silence the home crowd? 🤔

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