Yasuo Tips & Tricks [Pro Analysis]

Yasuo Analysis, Tips, and Guide

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  1. I literaly hate both Yasuo and players who play him the teason im watching this is to learn how to play against him but now i know no matter what you do you cant play against him he is the most OP champ and im perma banning him even if my teammate wants to take it

    1.If u have enough ats when u think enemy is almost(but not) to die after your ult i recommend to AA prefer Q if enemy spam flash they can dodge Q but no hope for AA
    2.In laning phase if u can't go in to the minion(enemy will poke or something) u can q on raptor though wall 1 time and 2 when raptor come to u to get the wind but don't do if your jungler want to farm the raptor

  3. As a Yasuo main I can say this is the best guide I ever seen!
    But since the day this his guide has been uploaded, almost every single game its still the same, I'm playing Yasuo and the enemy mid is a Yasuo too, he tries 24/7 to E+Q+Flash me to make an epic play (Normally they use flash when the AoE of EQ already has been used on the minions or calculating wrongly the range, wasting a flash and dying) a good Yasuo player is not the one who knows how to E+Q+Flash, it's the one who Knows WHEN to do it… But still there are some games where the enemy Yasuo knows how to play him and lastly some funny games where it's like a mirror, we do the same moves and attack with Q and E at the same time in laning phase 😂

  4. Not bad guide at all. Helped me before I got an S ever with Yasuo. Now Im a Yasuo main Lol! Anyway. For those watching I want you to know that there are so many other wall dashes that are so much more complex and can get you out of tight situations. Not trying to self promo at all but I have a short video on the most important wall dashes to get out of gank scenarios that might help you. One more thing is The Keyblade ( EQ Flash EQ R ) Combo can be insanely hard (With low atk speed) and a kamikaze kill. Practice your trades and dashes/combos in practice tool for 1-2 hours a day. Give it 3 weeks and you will consistantly be able to do everything you practiced. Hope my reply helped 👍

  5. love how you used pz zzang for the monstage and the analysis.. best yasuo korean server 🙂 instantly liked and subbed, u know WHO to analyze for the best plays and mechanics of each specific champion

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